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Baskent Organized Industrial Zone

“Industrial City of the Future” means that building the future with today’s success, labor and work.

We, as Baskent OIZ, have created our regional policy with the vision of the "future". In every step we take; we acted on the basis of foresighted, planned, determined, innovative world standards.

Many years ago, our story began by seeking a new industrial zone within the framework of the challenge to make Ankara the Capital of Industry. 

We started with the encouragement of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan by laying the first brick on December 26, 2003.

With the approval of our 3rd stage expansion area in 2019, Baskent OIZ has reached the position of Turkey's 5th Largest Organized Industrial Zone.

Baskent OIZ is located in Ankara, the Capital of Turkey, and at the center and crossroads of major trade corridors connected to all geographical directions.

Our zone is located in the western corridor of Ankara, 33 km from the city center, in Temelli Malıkoy, in an industrial basin of 40,000 decare with other 3 Organized Industrial Zones.

In the sectoral distribution; 60% of the existing investments are metallurgy and machinery, 10% are defense, 9% are chemicals, 5% are food, 4% are pharmaceuticals and medical, and 12% are companies from other sectors.

The two sides of the Ankara Stream, which passes through the Baskent OIZ, are planned as an urban center.

Baskent OIZ is the first Organized Industrial Zone which establishes its own Conventional Treatment Plant in Ankara.

Baskent OIZ carries out its activities by adopting the vision of "Industrial City of the Future" with a perspective above and beyond providing standard infrastructure services.

Within the scope of the vision it has adopted, Baskent OIZ is rapidly advancing toward becoming a livable/sustainable industrial city with Secondary and Higher Education Institutions, Student Dormitories, Social Areas and also the Logistics Center Project and Innovation Center Project that are planned to be realized in the near future.