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In human life, contributing to the native land 

creating employment, revitalizing the economy,

representing the country in national and international platforms proudly,

gives you the determination to work and strengthens your struggle in every field.


We, as Baskent OIZ, made a promise to ourselves on the day we laid the first brick in 2003; the benefits of our country will always be our priority and we will make our ındustrial zone a center of attraction. Today, we continue without losing our belief and without deviating from the right way throughout the years. The pride belongs to everyone who started this journey with us and struggled together. 

Today, we have turned our industrial zone into an investment center full of advantages from its technical infrastructure to its technological construction, from its transportation network to its logistic center with 340 factories, 15,000 employees. 80% of companies in Baskent OIZ are exporters and even in the most difficult periods of the economy, we did not stop our production.

We aimed to be one step ahead of the era by being a follower of every development in the world. We cooperated with ministries, municipalities and universities in order to be a young and dynamic structure. We pursued new projects, new production areas, social responsibilities and works that will add value to our people and our country. We implemented every decision by examining it up the end. We did not make a single move without making benefit and harm analysis.


Here is the difference of Baskentyönetiyönetim OIZ, that is renewed with the guiding power of R&D and innovation without compromising values. While we are getting stronger day by day with our participating companies, we continue to grow with our new investors.