• Our Building Zoning Unit is within the framework of the authorities given by the Organized Industrial Zones Law No. 4562, the Law No. 4708 on Building Inspection and the OIZ Implementation Regulation and other relevant regulations.
  • Design of buildings and facilities
  • Ensuring the construction controls of the works for which tender and/or contracts are made by Baskent OIZ
  • Follow-up, design, project design, preparation of the tender dossier, supervision of the construction and infrastructure works to be carried out by our region allocated to our region, coordination with the contractor companies, preparation of progress-payment reports
  • Providing construction maintenance and repair works in the buildings of our region and the elimination of faults in clean water, storm water and sewerage networks
  • Ensuring landscaping and road-sidewalk construction
  • To ensure coordination in cooperation with the works carried out by official institutions in our region, to organize correspondence
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